Edtech is the new fintech you know, and edtech is on fire!

Education + technology is making a real change in schools, universities in companies, in the world.

And the best thing is that can bring education in every single point in the world. We are the 4th goal of the SDG from United Nations.

We are a movement from real edtech entrepreneurs willing to put on the startups ecosystem our companies, more close and interesting for the educational institutions, public funding, private investors and top tech companies.

We are’t part of any educational institution, publishing group, spin off of a big tech company, we are totally independent with only one goal, make edtech better and bigger to make a real change in the education industry.

We are of course open to all the social impact startups non tech that has focus on education.

But who are the founders of Edtech Spain?

An edtech entrepreneur, Miguel Angel Muras, CEO and Cofounder of Snackson who started to write about edtech in 2016 at their blog. Look at this.

A few years later in 2018 Snackson applied to SEK Lab Awards and was one of the winners of their IV Call. Look at this.

The director of SEK Lab, Felix Lopez Capel rapidly connect with Miguel Angel, their share the same passion for the edtech ecosystem, their importance.

Two years later both decide to create the biggest event about edtech in Spain during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. More than 200 people attended to the official launching of this movement. Read about the event here.

Edtech is on fire!